The one word we attach to a sentence to show regard or respect. What bothers me is when we use it for the people that have done us wrong. The people deserving of disrespect and curses. The people that should be stripped of the title because of how much pain they have caused us. It is not always sir, sometimes it can be Lord, Your Honour, Madam, Chairman, Honourable. They have similar positions in the world. One of leadership, giving them the edge to get away with evil. Most times they are politicians, lecturers or just older people with a position of power. Culture demands we show them the respect they don’t have for themselves.

You still add Lord when you refer to Lugard despite the fact that you hate being in a country where you don’t feel like your life is important. You call the politicians ‘sir’ when you address them on social media, because you were taught to respect money and age rather than a persons dignity. The same person you call sir made it hard for you to get proper education. You hail them when they drive by with their big SUV because you believe they will favour you with a small amount of money. You lost their favour long ago, when they refused to build good affordable schools, hospitals, fix the roads or even create a safe society.

They refused to value you because you don’t value yourself. This is why SARS wouldn’t end. They don’t care because when you die, it’s one less person to worry about. If you are educated then it’s one less educated person to worry about seeing through their BS. If you are one of the uneducated that waits for them to pass by in hopes of collecting a small amount then it’s one less potential hoodlum/criminal to worry about. This is how they see you, how they see us. A potential threat either way, to their fat bellies and mansions. Karma is alive, but when one person is killed they are one step closer to escaping it. This is who you call sir. Someone that sees you not as a human being but a walking karma. You should refer to them by their last name only to stop the familiarity. Make it clear you mean business and do not idolise or respect these psychopaths and criminals. Regardless of their age, social or political status.

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