Autumn has turned into winter, love has turned to hate,  from being so close to thousands of miles away from each other, soulmates have become soulless, friends to strangers, acquaintances to best of friends, sunny days have become cloudy, the married are now bitterly divorced/separated, happy ones now depressed, extroverts to introverts, moments of mere pleasure turned into years of raising unwanted kids, loss of pregnancy into birth of twins, house rental into mortgage payments, injuries into scars, wars to treaties, books to films, movies to series, from thousands gathering in concerts to not being able to be in the same room with your dying relative, being able to travel anywhere to being restricted from moving around in your neighbourhood, parents have turned into grandparents, kids to teenagers, teenagers to adults, adulthood that comes with clarity, the once loving parents are now seen for what they are- toxic,  from asking for their guidance to seeking your own path, being part of their family to making your own, from doing illegal things for fun to doing it for survival, from smoking weed to lying about your age to get cheaper insurance, from ignoring a cold to praying you don’t die from one, from being selective to just choosing randomly, fearing judgment to living care-free. It’s a hell of a life, we will continue to live through it until we experience ‘heaven’. 

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