Dear Sister, 

I just wanted to tell you, I would give you my last cookie without you having to ask. Call you beautiful every chance I get to help with your insecurities. Play football with you and not condition you to the ‘girly’ games. Help you zip up your dress whenever you need. Always leave the gate open for you if you ever need to sneak out at night. I’ll fight for you even if it means losing the fight and my street credibility. I’ll let you use the bathroom first, even if it means being late for my football match. Let you ride in the front seat of dad’s car. I’ll allow you watch the E! channel and stream the EPL match on my laptop. I’ll let you have the better toy from our McDonald’s happy meal without hesitating. I promise I wouldn’t keep up with the name calling, the only names I would call you are the ones that make you feel good. I’ll help you empty the dishwasher without a fuss. I’ll close your room door whenever I come to check on you. Give you emotional support and make sure you open up to me about the heartbreak you’re dealing with. Take you on a nice outing just to make you feel better. Escort you when going out so you at least feel safe. Listen to you when you share your worries based on intuition. I’ll always hold your hands and say I love you when our parents have been constantly emotionless. I would do all this and more, dear sister.  To the sister I never had <3

 -Love, Ali. 

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8 Responses

  1. Reminds me of the taught stories to my sisters in mom’s womb (lol)
    These words seem like a sweet taboo in comparison to the reality of sisterhood, having 7. BITTERSWEET we call it and indeed it’s a beautiful reality to behold a sister indeed.

  2. Literally all a sister could ask for ! Made me smile too ! Nice piece, simple & in-depth . you definitely have studied the needs of the average teenage girl 👌🏼😁. Your daughter if you want one would be sooo lucky.

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