Death so vivid, never felt more alive. Stuck in hell, with my defiant soldiers, It wasn’t what we expected. We were ready for the inferno but life pulled off one of its tricks. Instead of fire, it was all our phobias simultaneously fighting to dominate our amygdala. Tola saw himself falling into a pit of infinite bottom, his acrophobia tormented his soul. Naomi’s fear of darkness and being alone had her stuck in a black hole. She couldn’t see herself or anyone around her but we could see her. Chika kept screaming to make the voices stop. She kept hearing the voices of her exes, the particular words they used when her heart got broken. She saw a reel of all the times  she caught them in bed with someone else. Another claustrophobic bloke had a hundred slithering snakes hissing, and striking his soul repeatedly. He was in a confined space that shrank for every scream his soul let out. I was stuck in a room with spiders growing an inch by the minute. Triggered bees hovering around me. Octopuses latching on to my skin in what seemed like a room turned into an aquarium. I stood there terrified to the point I started to pray but felt snubbed, leaving me in never ending pain. 

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