What is happiness? some say it comes in form of a check, for others it’s through retail therapy. Some say it comes through sex. For me it’s a temporary feeling we have to try and grasp when it’s around before it disperses into thin air. Leaving us with no hard proof but a taste and smell. A way only us can tell it was ever present.

 I felt it when my mom got better, I felt when I met a fellow agnostic, I felt it when my food was delivered in fifteen minutes instead of thirty. I felt it when a random stranger complimented my cologne. I felt it when I gave a homeless man the £2 coin that had been in my car for two weeks. I felt it when I held my ex’s hand for the first time. I felt it when my friend told me about his successful visa application. I felt it when my little nephew called my name for no reason. I felt it when I heard the snippets from Donda. I felt it when I had my first kiss in the library.

People expect it to be a permanent state of mind that defines how well you are living your life. What I’m saying is, it is subjective, setting high goals and achieving it doesn’t guarantee your happiness, neither does living with the bar set low. Allow yourself to experience all range of emotions and embrace each as they come, this is what makes us whole. 
It’s  so elusive, you might not even realise it’s there until it’s gone. Like the ex you didn’t appreciate until she leaves. Everybody claims to have it in their lives but it’s all a disguise, an insult to the depressed. I know people battling depression over the last four years. Imagine being a war for that long and not knowing if you’re winning or not. It’s the only instance where law of attraction doesn’t work. You have to face your demons and not just ignore hoping to be better miraculously. Feel the sadness so you can appreciate the happy moments. 

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4 Responses

  1. So many mushy sentimental things in my head as I read this piece.
    An enjoyable read for sure!
    You definitely know what happiness is when you’ve been sad and you can definitely appreciate it more!
    Thanks Ali loved it❤️

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