I walked down the boulevard

All by myself

In my dark grey hoodie

As the wind hit aggressively

Autumn evening

The leaves mocked me

In pairs as they danced

To the songs of the commanding wind

Empty lane but it seemed rowdy

Filled with whistling trees

And these boisterous leaves

They seemed more extroverted

Than I could ever be

The leaves tried to engage me

But I ignored and let them fall

Like a true introvert

Then came the wind again

It poked and pushed me

Like a bully it tried to agitate

But I walked faster to hide from its reach

I became jealous of these things

But why?

I asked myself

They enjoyed each other’s company

Unlike my loner self

this was what I wanted, but why?

I thrive in solitude

The best conversations

Are the ones I have with myself

The best films

Are the ones I saw alone

The best sex

Is the one I never had

This confirms my asexuality

My being alone isn’t loneliness.

This self-solitary confinement

Allows me afford the luxury of peace

In a world full of many bodies

And these bodies filled with troubled souls.


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