I wish I could find the keys

Or a path outside this maze

It shuffles every minute

Never faced anything harder

In the beginning it was joyful

The amazing unending fantasies

Now it’s just pure torture

I wish it was positive

I’m stuck, stuck in my head

I want a way out, more than I want air

More than I want food

More than I want love

More than I want peace

Actually it’s my only way to true peace

My only way to happiness

My only way to remain optimistic

It feels like a prison

Without a warden, invisible bars

Barring me so effectively

Making it hard for me to negotiate

My way out of this prison

Who do I bribe?

Who do I beg? How can I appeal?

Who do I talk to?

Maybe it explains the gesticulations

When I’m alone

The soliloquising, oh shit

Somebody Help!

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