We still haven’t figured it out. What do we call it? You know when you love someone but you are just  friends but the friendship isn’t platonic, you care for them, provide emotional support but it isn’t a relationship. Both of you are always on edge ‘cause you don’t ever want to conform and label it a relationship for the sake of it. You know it isn’t one. It’s not an open relationship, no. I feel like it’s the highest form of human intimacy. A point where you don’t judge, fight occasionally, love and express your deepest emotions effortlessly. You let them be themselves and understand that you are two people with different lives. You help them solve a dilemma. They are just a chapter in your book and your whole world does not revolve around each other.  You understand that you both have urges when you are away from each and acting on it isn’t a problem. It’s only human and not gender specific in any way. Men have urges, women do too. This is the missing term, a grey area, not that I need anyone to validate but the least we could do is to name it. Or maybe it should remain nameless, because in naming things, we create certain expectations and boundaries and that’s what messes things up. Expecting it to be a certain standard, limitations make everything seem controlled, humans are subconsciously rebels that’s why nothing ever works out the way people expect it to. 

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