Cheating in a relationship spices things up. When there’s too much peace, it’s considered boring these days. We were made to believe being abused by our parents is tough love. Now we condone abuse and toxicity as adults mistaking it for tough love.  This behaviour sticks as we navigate through life. People normalise toxicity in friendships, work life, relationships, and day to day activities. You could spot a toxic person from just one conversation. Missing the red flag is one thing but searching for it and using it as a basis to like someone is a bigger problem in itself. 

In Toxic Relationships:

Your mistakes are used as a weapon to make you feel less of yourself. To keep you humble, keep you in check. Being with them seems like they are doing you a favour. Especially when the toxic partner knows you’re a catch. The love isn’t mutual, it is lopsided, but the sex is amazing. Even better after an argument caused by something so stupid. “Why did you smile at that stranger? You fancy him, don’t you?”.
You love the sex after a fight. Now you’re addicted to it so you create issues out of nothing to have sex afterwards. You do this repeatedly and find yourself neck-deep in a toxic arrangement. It’s not worthy of being called a relationship at this point.  The quarrels are the highlights. Now you have done it so much that you have to take it up a notch every time to make it more exciting. The sex gets better and better, the arguments get louder and more intense, until he/she hits you. Now you’re stuck with someone abusive and you have to convince yourself it’s tough love. No, it isn’t love at all. 

The prettiest girls are the most insecure because they have had to deal with this behaviour a lot. People use it to make their partners feel inferior or have doubts creep into their minds. This makes it easier for said partners to be controlled. I’ve seen the most beautiful women love toxic men more than they love their bodies. The nicest men on the other hand feel emasculated when they have to deal with a toxic partner. Either by comparison with more successful male counterparts or just stressing him unnecessarily to the point where he gives in and begins to doubt himself.

You let go of things you want to say because it would lead to another meaningless argument. The only time you feel like you’re in love is during foreplay or sex. Someone that should feel like your partner makes you feel like you’re fighting a war. It’s always about who is right or wrong, and never where we both went wrong and how it can be corrected. They break your trust and still demand it as if they had done nothing. When you doubt them, you become the problem even when you have every reason to. Toxic lullaby, but it’s really a wake up call.

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