You create God and not the other way round. It starts in your mind and into your daily life with a choice. In the mind of an atheist, she doesn’t exist, in the mind of an agnostic, maybe she does but in a different form, in the mind of a deist, she does exist but keeps her distance, trusting us to make the right decisions. In the mind of a Christian, he exists and governs every good thing that happens but plays no part in the bad.  You choose to pray, manifest, live a good life. It’s all you. God is within you, you are God. The voice that guides you always comes from within. It’s never from outside. Manifestation isn’t exclusive to any particular religious group. Anybody can do it as long as you believe in yourself. You can get up and plant a tree if you wanted. You can interfere with the natural order of things. If you want something, you can either sit down and do nothing or work towards it. If you want a new life created, you know what to do. Except there’s a medical condition stopping you. The possibilities are endless when you want something. The only way to make sense of the universe is to become one with it. Whoever reaches this point is at God level. 

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