My mind and heart mirror the sun above and the oceans below. The distance from my heart to my head is less than a step, but the difference in decisions made is light years. The head is the sun, always shining light on information until it becomes rational. Never leaving any stone unturned. No room for darkness so everything must be brought to light. The heart is the ocean. Deep as it may. It still maintains its naivety. Happy to have people surf on it, paddle-board or even para-sail. As long as there’s some sort of company, it will take the warmth. Ready to give every adrenaline junkie a second chance to ride its waves for the fun of it. 

The people with the best experience are the ones that ask the deep questions. Wanting to explore its core. Knowing what makes it beat fast. Coming face to face with the beast that lives within, without running away. Shining their lights in its Mariana Trench to find solace in what seems to be feared or abandoned. The deep divers come once or twice a year amidst the thousands of surfers. The heart may get distracted by the surfers that they miss the scuba diver.  In a bid to be the self-saviour, she(the heart) prompts the sun to direct its raw energy on the ocean chasing away these surface merchants. A necessary purge but not without the heart itself getting burned.  Now it’s lost part of its naivety and true innocence. It’s left scarred and untrusting that the deep divers who survived the sun’s wrath are ignored and left hanging.

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